Let Zombie Business Applications Rest in Peace

On-Demand Webinar

Let Zombie Business Applications Rest in Peace

IBM i, Windows
October 31, 2018


Are undead custom-built web apps and workflow processes for forms management terrorizing your organization? Legacy applications are so out of date and hard to use, you might feel like they’re eating your brains. They’re out of support, and your IT team doesn’t know how to maintain them. If something goes wrong, all you can do is turn and run.

Get away from spooky zombie forms applications. You need a solution that’s alive and well, solidly supported, easy to use, and up-to-date. 

Watch the webinar to see a living, breathing replacement for your legacy forms applications. We’ll talk about:

  • Why to not disturb the dead legacy forms applications (Let Lotus Notes Apps, Access Apps, and other custom-built web apps for forms rest in peace)
  • How to not only make your forms easy to use but also transform your business processes
  • How a forms solution can offer more opportunities to better serve customers and vendors


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