On-Demand Webinar

Job Scheduling: Basic to Advanced

Windows, UNIX, Linux
See the enterprise process automation suite in action
October 19, 2016



The concept of job scheduling has been around for decades, but rudimentary schedulers like the kind that come built into your operating system or business applications are no longer adequate in today’s business environment. With computing environments becoming increasingly complex, spanning multiple platforms and business applications, your IT team will need to focus on the changing landscape rather than writing scripts and watching for reports.

HelpSystems offers two automation platforms to handle the complex scheduling needs of modern enterprises: AutoMate and Skybot. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about using these solutions to orchestrate processes from the server down to the user’s desktop. By centralizing control of your enterprise schedule and your daily business processes you’ll gain the competitive edge and create more time for generating new ideas and products.

When you watch this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • The benefits of integrating process automation with job scheduling
  • How automating daily processes leads to greater productivity
  • How to leverage HelpSystems automation solutions
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