On-Demand Webinar

Introduction to FlashCopy



FlashCopy takes a quick snapshot of your data at a particular point in time, then POOF! Your data is available for backup or use on another partition for high availability, disaster recovery, or even to create a test environment for your developers.

So, if you’re using SAN in your Power Systems environment without taking advantage of FlashCopy, we just have one question for you: why not?

IBM i expert Chuck Stupca explains how FlashCopy works and discusses the ways that it helps you build a better backup strategy for your IBM i environment:

  • Making a backup copy of production with no downtime
  • Providing test environments from your production data in seconds
  • Comparing FlashCopy to a save-while-active backup

Watch this one-hour recorded webinar and learn how best to take advantage of the unique features of FlashCopy.

Recovery Without Disaster

Downtime comes in many forms and it doesn’t take a full-on disaster to destroy your data. This guide shows you what you need in order to build a strong recovery strategy that your business can really rely on.

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