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Introducing BRMS Dashboards in Insite Analytics

May 2, 2019


Are you responsible for administering BRMS backups? What if you had a single view into all of your BRMS environments?

HelpSystems is excited to introduce new BRMS Dashboards in Insite Analytics.

Now you can easily aggregate backup tape operations data into a dashboard that keeps you informed. Alert your team when a backup has failed and identify where it happened, and reduce the time needed to identify and diagnose backup process issues.

Watch the webinar to see how to:

  • Utilize BRMS query templates and dashboards to consolidate and monitor BRMS environments
  • Easily drill-down into details to further investigate details on failed back-ups, objects not saved, expired media
  • Create custom dashboards to monitor all BRMS backups or just specific systems

Your time is valuable. Save time and stay informed with a consolidated BRMS Dashboard.

Watch the webinar today.

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