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The Importance of Testing IBM i Role Swaps

See how Robot HA can eliminate the anxiety around role swaps and make testing a snap


Without testing your role swaps, you can’t be certain that your high availability solution will provide the business continuity you require during an actual disaster. 

There are many factors to consider for role swaps, including application shutdown, verification of synchronized data, network configurations, and impatient end users. Ultimately, you want a successful swap that is predictable and repeatable.

During this recorded webinar, our experts will help ease you into high availability technology and demonstrate how you can get the business continuity you deserve. You will learn:

  • Tips for a successful role swap on IBM i
  • Types of role swaps available in Robot HA
  • How to do a test-while-active role swap

If you’re struggling with role swaps, this webinar will coach you through the process. Watch today!

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