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IFS Security for Everyone



If you don’t use your system as a web server or a network file server, do you still need to worry about the IFS? The answer is a definite “Yes!”

The IFS is one of the most ignored parts of the system, yet it makes possible many of the most powerful and most used features on IBM i servers today. Many people are unaware that the code for IBM i Access for Windows, IBM i Access for the web, Java, and WebSphere code is stored in the IFS. The IFS holds most TCP/IP configuration files as well as mail in POP and SMTP. And these are just some of the most common functions.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn about three IFS areas of vulnerability:

  • Wide-open access
  • File shares
  • Virus scanning

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how securing the IFS helps ensure a stable, available system and maintain accurate production data.


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