Hardware-Based Replication with PowerHA for IBM i

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Hardware-Based Replication with PowerHA for IBM i

Changing the way IT shops do high availability and disaster recovery the world over


The number of shops using PowerHA for IBM i high availability has nearly doubled in the last few years. What makes PowerHA so popular? Why are organizations turning to hardware-based replication now? Where does that leave software-based solutions?

Join Steve Finnes, Tom Huntington, and Brian Nordland for an in-depth discussion on the pros and cons of PowerHA. You’ll learn how PowerHA can simplify HA/DR management—including role swaps and day-to-day monitoring—and identify areas where software-based replication comes in handy.

You’ll walk away with exclusive insights into:

  • Benefits of the PowerHA solution
  • Software and hardware replication synergies
  • IBM and HelpSystems partnership on PowerHA
  • PowerHA development roadmap items

Your business depends on the resiliency of your servers. The right high availability solutions can help you strengthen your recovery plan, minimize the impact of outages, recover operations at a remote location, simplify role swaps, and optimize the staff needed to maintain your HA environment.

Knowing your options with these strategic solutions is crucial. Start by watching the recording today.

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