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IBM Power Systems Modernization Series

IBM i, UNIX, Linux, AIX

Part 1 | Hardware & Infrastructure Modernization

What should you take into consideration when looking at modernizing your IBM Power hardware? What are the pros and cons of cloud vs. on-prem? Should I use internal or external disk? What should I consider when looking at SSD? How many processors do I really need? Am I getting the right amount of CPW for my planned business growth? What is the impact of software or hardware replication? When do I need a VIOS server? Should I consider the new NVMe cards? During this session, our experts cover everything you need to know when you’re wondering if now is the right time to upgrade your IBM Power Systems hardware. You’ll learn about storage, processor, memory, HA/DR, virtual tape library (VTL), and IBM Power Virtual Control (PowerVC) Cloud considerations for your hardware.


Part 2 | Application & Software Modernization

What do we mean by application and software modernization? Why is it important to get current on releases? How do application modernization projects on IBM Power impact hardware and infrastructure decisions and your ability to take advantage of cloud? During this session, our expert panel covers application modernization considerations, roadblocks to modernization, repercussions of not modernizing, and strategies for getting started today. You’ll learn about open source and hybrid cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and APIs, commercial vs. homegrown applications, technical debt and “resource debt”, and tools to speed development.


Part 3 | Operational Modernization

Why would I move my IBM Power server to the cloud? What are my options? How do I get to the cloud? What’s it like in the cloud? How do I manage my cloud or hybrid cloud environment? During this session, our experts cover what the cloud means for the future of your IBM Power production, development, or disaster recovery VMs (partitions) and your day-to-day operations. You’ll learn about IBM Power Virtual Server (PowerVS), private cloud and Dynamic Capacity, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, cloud-native apps, system sizing for the cloud, migrating data to the cloud, and monitoring and securing your cloud/hybrid cloud environment.


Need help modernizing your IBM Power Systems environment?

The annual IBM i Marketplace Survey results confirm that modernization on the IBM Power platform has been top of mind for IT teams over the past few years. Since adopting modern tools and techniques helps reduce IT spending, attracts new talent, and prolongs the viability of the platform, we agree that it’s a worthwhile project! But when it comes to modernization, what should you take into consideration to ensure a good return on your investment?

Updating the user interface into your business application is important, but it shouldn’t be the only item on your to-do list. Modernization should extend beyond applications and across your entire infrastructure, incorporating modern processes, software, servers, and cloud. Contact us to learn how to maximize your IBM Power investment and right-size your modernization initiatives.


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