On-Demand Webinar

IBM i War Stories from the Front Line

Everyday IBM i monitoring in action and the ways that Halcyon can help IT teams with their plan of attack
August 25, 2016


IBM i is great at managing varied workloads—the OS offers many built-in work management and system utilities to aid administration.

But greater customization is sometimes necessary in the line of duty.

Halcyon has built upon these utilities to deliver a number of advanced functions designed for you to take control of all of your day-to-day IBM i activities.

During this on-demand webinar, our experts will demonstrate some of Halcyon’s capabilities and describe real-life scenarios that highlight how you can:

  • Reduce your alerting footprint by implementing leading-edge monitoring techniques
  • Identify both organic growth and spikes in disk space utilization
  • Automate time-consuming housekeeping tasks
  • Take advantage of the powerful IBM i Services
  • Automate literally anything

Set your sights on having the right monitoring solution, no matter what comes your way. Watch the recording today!

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