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IBM i Roundtable: High Availability Hot Topics

Get a handle on high availability with insight from 3 HA experts
June 22, 2017


High availability for IBM i has been a hot topic in 2017, jumping 20% from our 2016 survey to take the #2 seat on IT priority lists just behind cybersecurity. And no surprise with these two topics so closely tied to your most valuable asset: your irreplaceable business data.

With major airline outages last year and the recent ransomware attacks, you must be asking yourself: am I doing everything I can to protect my organization’s data?

Tune in as our panel of IBM i high availability experts—Tom Huntington, Matt Staddler, and Cole Ragland—deliver lively discussion around the top high availability issues of today, including:

  • Why companies don’t test role swaps when they know they should
  • Whether high availability in the cloud makes sense for IBM i users
  • Why some organizations don’t have high availability yet
  • How to get high availability up and running at your organization
  • High availability considerations for today’s security concerns

There are no do-overs when it comes to your data. Once it’s gone, it’s gone...unless you have a data replication layer in place to protect it. Learn the value of these strategic solutions and how you can implement them in a hurry—watch now!

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