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IBM i Monitoring by the Dashboard Light

How a graphical dashboard in Robot Monitor provides greater visibility than all your green screens combined


What if you could see IBM i system performance and application statuses across all partitions in a single screen? What if you only had to look in one place to see what’s happening now, what happened in the past few hours, or what happened last week or last month?

Graphical monitoring provides greater visibility, making it easier to manage your IBM i systems and applications. Ah, paradise at last!

During this recorded webinar, our experts demonstrate how easy it is to build Robot Monitor dashboards that allow you to manage your IBM i environment with unprecedented detail and clarity. You’ll learn how to:

  • Configure single- or multi-system views
  • Add real-time performance widgets
  • Include custom-written SQL widget data
  • Show multiple metrics in a single widget
  • Provide monitored data for any date or time range
  • Highlight monthly summarized metrics

Get a good look at the wealth of information provided at a single glance using Robot Monitor dashboards—watch today!

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