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IBM i Marketplace Survey: What’s Next for Business Intelligence?

What else do you need to know about BI?
April 27, 2017


IBM i continues to be one of technology’s best-kept secrets. Now in its third year, the IBM i Marketplace Survey sheds light on current usage and future potential of the IBM i platform. But what do these results mean for business intelligence (BI)?

As data grows, it’s more important now than ever to be confident in your BI initiative. The pressure is on for IT departments to do more with less. Everyone in your organization needs timely business information to make better decisions. Is IBM i the best place to invest for your BI future?

Watch a panel discusion with IBM i Champion Tom Huntington and data access expert Mike Stegeman and learn about: 

  • Modernization on IBM i
  • Keeping up in today’s mobile world
  • Potential ROI on BI initiatives
  • Outlook for BI on IBM i


What's Next for Your BI Initiative?

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