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IBM i: It’s Not Just AS/400

IBM’s Steve Will talks AS/400, POWER9, cognitive systems, and everything in between
September 19, 2018


True or False: The IBM i operating system is just the AS/400 all over again. False! The AS/400 provided a solid foundation, but it has evolved over the years into the entirely new animal that we call IBM i.

So, what was there at the beginning and which architectural elements have been added? How have these additions made the platform more powerful? How does cognitive computing come into play?

Watch this recorded webinar with IBM i Chief Architect Steve Will and IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington to gain a unique perspective on the direction of this platform, including:

  • IBM i development strategies in progress at IBM
  • Ways that Watson will shake hands with IBM i
  • Key takeaways from the AS/400 days

IBM i stands on the shoulders of giants. Its AS/400 heritage and strategic innovation point to a bright future for this strategic server that continues to support organizations in every industry around the world.

Don’t miss a moment as the saga unfolds—watch now!

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