Learn the Easiest Way to Get IBM i High Availability at Your Organization
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IBM i High Availability at HelpSystems

See how Robot HA puts high availability within easy reach


Did you know that 60 percent of IBM i shops list high availability as a top concern for the future, but over 50 percent still do not have an HA solution in place?

IBM i’s reliability could be creating a false sense of security, allowing these organizations to believe that their servers won’t fail. More likely, they’re nervous about the cost of high availability—both in terms of money and ongoing maintenance.

Luckily, the advantages of HA technology aren’t limited to the largest or most complex organizations. HA can be easy, affordable, and for everyone!

In this 30-minute webinar, Tom Huntington will help you understand:

  • Why IBM i high availability is important
  • Different uses for HA at your organization
  • What to replicate on IBM i
  • Why you should test role swaps
  • Benefits of Robot HA
  • DRaaS and business continuity services options

If IBM i high availability is on your wish list, be sure to watch this webinar. We'll help you answer your HA questions and get on the right track toward highly available data.

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24/7 business demands 24/7 system and application availability. When you’re ready to avoid downtime—be it planned or unplanned—Robot HA is the fastest, easiest, most affordable way to establish high availability at your organization.

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