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IBM i Gets No Respect

How to Overcome the Real-Life Business Challenges of Running IBM i


Legacy. Not strategic. Different from Windows or Linux. Just an AS/400. You name it; we’ve heard it all. Organizations in every industry around the world take IBM i for granted because they simply don’t understand how much it does for the business.

Here’s the reality: It’s not the platform. It’s the perception.

The technology behind IBM i and IBM Power is modern and sound. It’s just another database server, after all! But how do we in IT speak the language of the business to express its deeply engrained value and importance?

Watch this webinar as the IBM i experts from HelpSystems offer education around what you should do when facing objections, obstacles, and real-life business challenges, including:

  • Adding additional partitions (VMs) to support growth or DR initiatives
  • Mergers and acquisitions standardizing or consolidating technologies
  • Migrating or consolidating servers
  • Unique IBM i licensing considerations
  • Consultants who don’t recommend IBM i

You’ll also learn how to automate, secure, and get data out of IBM i when your staff is not familiar with the operating system. Together, let’s defend the honor of this powerful platform—and save ourselves the headache and expense of re-platforming in the meantime!

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