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IBM i: Facing the Future with Fresh Innovation

Fresh faces of IBM i tackle today’s toughest issues on the platform
September 28, 2017


The IBM i platform has proven its mettle time and again. For nearly 30 years, it has been known as a reliable, securable, and profitable platform for businesses around the world.

But every success story has a few hurdles.

A recent IT Jungle article pointed out that the backward compatibility of the platform is both a blessing and a curse, offering flexibility for upgrades yet allowing obsolete technology to linger. And, with no motivation to change, many midrange professionals have ignored opportunities to learn new skills.

So, how do we address this complacent attitude and infuse new life into IBM i?

In this 30-minute recording, Tom Huntington talks with two IT professionals who got their start on IBM i long after the AS/400 days. The team will share their initial impressions of the platform and offer a fresh approach for tackling some of today’s toughest issues, including the best ways to:

  • Attract more IBM i talent
  • Modernize the data center
  • Bring IBM i into the cloud
  • Avoid business disruption
  • Increase productivity with the right tooling

Hearing from these talented individuals will reignite your fire for IBM i and get your problem-solving juices flowing. Watch now!

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