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IBM i in the Cloud, IT on the Ground



No matter what cloud or server room your IBM i calls home, your IT team is still responsible for running and monitoring your applications. With technology changing at the speed of light, you need to cut the expense of repeatedly re-inventing internal infrastructure to deliver the service levels your business demands.

A smooth launch into cloud-enabled IT processes means knowing the benefits, risks, and mechanics involved, as well as a solid foundation for systems management.

Richard Dolewski and Chuck Losinski speak to IT managers and directors who are looking to strengthen their systems management strategies by incorporating cloud technology—and data center managers who are struggling to control costs due to changing infrastructure—on the topics of:

  • Virtualization and agility
  • Business resiliency
  • Expectations for hardware obsolescence
  • Ways to manage the fear of change
  • Automation technologies for delivering on SLAs

Watch this recorded webinar for expert information about IBM i cloud architecture, plus automation tips for resiliency, scheduling, and monitoring when working with a cloud-based infrastructure.

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