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IBM i in the Cloud

A roundtable discussion on IBM i cloud topics with top technology experts


The notion that there are no real cloud options for IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) is outdated. Managed service providers (MSPs) have been offering IBM i hosting or private clouds for years and public IBM i clouds are popping up everywhere today—with more options on the horizon.

But just because you can move part or all of your IBM i environment to the cloud—should you?

Don’t miss this 1-hour webinar where cloud experts from IBM, Skytap, and Meridian IT join IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington to talk about recent advancements supporting IBM i in the cloud. We tackle top cloud topics and help you answer questions like these:

  • Why would I move my IBM i to the cloud?
  • What are my options for IBM i cloud providers?
  • How do I move my IBM i into the cloud?
  • What’s it like in the cloud?

Cloud has arrived for IBM Power servers! Now it’s up to you to determine what that might mean for the future of your IBM i production, development, or disaster recovery VMs (partitions) and your day-to-day operations. This webinar will give you a head start.

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Easy IBM i Migrations with Near-Zero Downtime

Upgrading your IBM Power Systems hardware? Looking to move part or all of your IBM i environment to the cloud? Robot HA can help you migrate your IBM i data with little to no downtime. Watch this webinar to see how!

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