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IBM i and Windows: The Not-So-Odd Couple

How to get seamless server monitoring using Network Server Suite
IBM i, Windows
September 27, 2017


Let’s be honest. Unless your company has been living under a rock, you’ve got Windows servers in your data center. Your business users most likely work on PCs—except for those Mac people—and many of your major applications run on Windows servers.

But you’re the IBM i guy. You’ve got your IBM i server under control. Who knows what’s happening on all those Windows servers? Surprise, it’s you!

Don’t waste time making manual checks on an unfamiliar platform. Take 30 minutes to learn how you can automate Windows server monitoring and send your alerts to the same screen where you watch your IBM i.

Ash demonstrates how you can use Network Server Suite and Enterprise Console to efficiently manage your Windows environment alongside IBM i by:

  • Using best practice templates to fast-track initial deployment
  • Centralizing management of all supported platforms
  • Introducing smart alerting to minimize interruptions
  • Receiving SNMP traps from any number of devices
  • Managing your whole environment from a mobile app

Virtualization trends are only going to increase the number of Windows servers in your environment. Get ahead of the curve and extend your strong IBM i monitoring to other platforms. Watch now!

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