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IBM i's Great Debate: Security vs. Systems Maintenance

January 8, 2019


Now that the odds of experiencing a data breach are one in four, cybersecurity is top of mind for IT pros. Despite this, security is often an "after" project for IBM i—as in, "after the new box is installed" or "after the OS has been upgraded." 

But does "after" ever come? Do security and maintenance projects have a positive or negative influence on each other?

In this webinar, IBM i security expert Robin Tatam explores the rocky relationship between systems maintenance and cybersecurity with Larry Bolhuis, an IBM i pro with decades of experience and the current president of COMMON. Robin and Larry will help you understand: 

  • How do security and critical maintenance projects influence each other?
  • Is a hardware or OS upgrade a fast track to better IBM i security?
  • How can you determine which project takes priority?

Whether your upgrade happened last week or is scheduled for next year, you don't want to miss this information!

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