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IBM AIX 3rd Annual Community Survey Results Revealed

March 5, 2019


In 1986, IBM launched AIX®, its open standards-based UNIX operating system. Now, more than 30 years later, this popular platform runs on IBM POWER® servers and supports critical applications for organizations around the world. With such a strong presence in IT environments, AIX and its specific usage is of great interest to IT experts as they evaluate their own technology ecosystems in light of changing security, regulatory, and efficiency requirements.

This 3rd annual survey was conducted in Q4 2018 to gauge how AIX is being used and the role it will play for IT leaders in the coming years. 600 IT professionals from various industries around the world participated.

This panel of experts address trends related to this marketplace. Our experts have experience in covering many other technologies and their unique experiences with other platforms were compared to these results too. Below are some examples of questions asked:

  • What are your top IT concerns?
  • What are your plans for the AIX platform?
  • What percent of your core business processes run on AIX?
  • Does AIX provide a better ROI than other servers?
  • What version of POWER and what OS level is most prevalent?
  • What has the impact of POWER9 been on this market?
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