IASP, IFS, and Disk Analysis on IBM i - Watch This Webinar
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IASP, IFS, and Disk Analysis, Oh My!



As PowerHA grows in popularity, so do independent auxiliary storage pools (IASP). These disk pools are the key to high availability for critical objects on IBM i, but many users still don’t understand how to use them to their advantage.

In this session, IBM i experts Chuck Stupca and Chuck Losinski explain the unique characteristics of IASPs, including their ability to move large amounts of disk between two physical servers in seconds.

They'll also demonstrate a powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing the data stored in your IASP and IFS. You'll learn how to:

  • Migrate your application data into IASP
  • Integrate an IASP in an HA environment
  • Use Robot Space to monitor and analyze disk space

IASP technology can revolutionize your IBM i! Watch this recording to see it in action and keep the disk storage it uses under the watchful eye of Robot.

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