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I Have All Object Authority and I’m Not Afraid to Use It!



All Object (*ALLOBJ) special authority is probably the best-known and most feared authority in the IBM i community. This “root” access is unrestricted authority to every object on the system—and users love it!

Who wouldn’t want an all-access pass to the data and applications you need to get your job done?

But there’s a dark side to *ALLOBJ. A master key to read, change, and delete any object on the system creates a frightening opportunity for abuse. 25 percent of data breaches involve insiders—and many studies suggest that number may be much higher. What many don’t realize is that these breaches are often unintentional.

That’s right—your users with *ALLOBJ could be perfectly trustworthy and still cause a data breach.

In this webinar, security expert and IBM Champion Robin Tatam explores:

  • Best practices for All Object authority (and data around what IBM i orgs are actually doing)
  • Strategies for correcting this vulnerability—without reducing productivity
  • Several other ways IBM i users gain elevated privileges

You’ll learn simple changes you can make to improve system security and reduce the odds of a breach. Robin also introduces an automated solution that balances your organization’s need for security and efficiency.

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