IBM i Wait Accounting with Stacy Benfield | Webinar
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i Can Find Your Performance Bottlenecks

IBM i Wait Accounting—All Computers Wait at the Same Speed


Have you ever wondered where your performance bottlenecks are on IBM i? Maybe you added additional hardware resources, but the batch job didn’t run any faster. Your CPU utilization might be low, yet your workloads are still running slowly. You could simply be looking for a way to speed up month-end processing and you don’t know where to begin.  

IBM Performance Consultant Stacy Benfield leads this one-hour recorded presentation discussing the rich instrumentation available on IBM i that helps you determine what a job is doing (waiting on) if it is not running—all without having to buy or install anything additional on your system. You’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage the wait accounting technology in Collection Services
  • Graphically analyze wait conditions using Performance Data Investigator
  • Interpret the “wait bucket” data found in Collection Services
  • Incorporate additional wait accounting information found in IBM Job Watcher for deeper analysis

An understanding of IBM i Wait Accounting combined with knowledge of your partition’s “run-wait” characteristics helps you focus on improving the overall performance of your partition and leads to making better resource decisions.

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