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HR Onboarding Automation Made Easy

IBM i, Windows, Linux, AIX
June 20, 2017


How much time does each department in your organization spend on tedious processes?

Take human resources (HR). HR’s main focus should be onboarding and retaining employees. Instead, they get derailed by the grunt work that goes into hiring. Users need to be provisioned. Paperwork needs to be gathered, filled out, and securely stored to onboard an employee. Performance appraisals need to be routed and managed.

Your organization deserves better. That’s where business process automation and document management come in.

Find out how to automate your business processes in HR and beyond.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Capture new hire information once—and populate it across all onboarding documents
  • Manage user onboarding and application provisioning
  • Securely manage the employee lifecycle
  • Perform Active Directory user audits with ease

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