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How to Work with Data from IBM i and Remote Databases

Learn how you can use all business data across your network—from IBM i, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and more—to tell a story
November 17, 2020


In today’s fast-paced business world, companies need to be able to access and use the business data they collect daily to tell stories that will help them make fast but informed decisions. In most cases, that data might not all live in one place or even on the same type of database.

Being able to bring data all together into one solution and work with it easily is key to your ongoing business strategy. Watch now and let our data access and business intelligence expert shows you how to: 

  • Easily collect data from across your organization, including IBM i Db2 and Windows databases  
  • Understand and turn complex data into insights and use those insights to create actionable items
  • Share and deploy data with Sequel, including dashboards and reports, on-demand, one-click access, and Excel

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