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How to Upgrade to IBM i 7.4

Planning tips, technology prerequisites, and post-installation requirements from the experts


IBM released IBM i 7.4 in June 2019. When upgrading to new versions of IBM i, it’s always a good idea to have a documented plan, so that the process is successful the first time. Do you know what you need to upgrade to IBM i 7.4?

When doing an OS upgrade, you plan for some downtime. But if you make a mistake along the way, skip steps in the process, or ignore the prerequisites, you might have to start over or reschedule your upgrade. And that mean you'll end up with excess hours of expensive downtime on your hands. Don't let that happen to you!

Watch this recorded webinar where Darren Anderson joins IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington to share top tips that he has learned in over 20 years of helping customers with operating systems upgrades. You’ll learn about:

  • New offerings in IBM i 7.4
  • Upgrade planning like sending downtime notifications and backing up the current state of the system
  • Pre-upgrade tasks using IBM's PRUV tool to check your system and see if you're ready for an upgrade
  • Upgrade tasks—this is the easy part, especially if everything is set up properly!
  • Common errors or failures and expert tips on how to avoid them    
  • Post-upgrade tasks to tidy up temporary copies of PTFs and OS virtual tape catalogs, plus backuping again, just to be safe!

This webinar covers planning tips, hardware and software prerequisites, and post-installation requirements—your upgrade isn’t complete until this last step is done! The focus will be on upgrading to 7.4, but there will be tips that apply to IBM i release levels 7.2 and 7.3.

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