On-Demand Webinar

How to Tie IBM i to the Rest of Your Network



IBM i is a team player: it works in heterogeneous networks alongside Windows, Linux, AIX, and other operating systems. However, many IBM shops are not aware of the extensive automation and scripting capabilities IBM i sports to streamline its integration in these systems.

Technologies such as Secure Shell (SSH), Portable Application Solutions Environment (PASE), and Bash shell scripting make the IBM i a full-fledged peer in your IT management framework. Combined with native management tools, these give you 100 percent peer interaction with other network elements.

In this presentation, IBM i technology experts Mel Beckman and Chuck Losinski show you specific ways to leverage these technologies to keep your IBM i relevant in today's mixed-vendor data centers. You’ll learn:

  • How to employ secure data transfer using the Secure Copy component of SSH
  • How to build locally encrypted tunnels to other operating systems
  • Ways to automate event responses using scripting

Armed with these capabilities, you’ll be fully equipped to make your IBM i’s unique storage and security capabilities available to your entire organization.