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How to Put PowerVC into Practice

A case study for using and monitoring IBM i virtualization


The virtualized Power server is well-established, with over 75% of businesses running multiple partitions. But how well do you understand the capabilities of the underlying PowerVC technology that supports this virtualization?

Tom Komadowski is certainly no stranger to virtualization. As DevOps Engineer at HelpSystems, he’s in charge of over 400 IBM i, AIX, and Linux partitions! He knows the advantages (and limitations) of the PowerVC tools—as well as the importance of proactive monitoring.

Don’t miss this recorded webinar where Tom shares his pro tips for putting PowerVC into practice. You’ll learn how to:

  • Easily create an IBM i partition for QA, development, or testing
  • Assign disk to an existing partition with a couple of mouse clicks
  • Monitor multiple instances of IBM i and VIOS and the workloads running there

Our software experts also demonstrate how Robot Monitor can give you real-time workload insight on your IBM i, VIOS, and AIX partitions through proactive monitoring and notifications to your mobile device.

We want to help you stay in control of your Power servers, no matter how many partitions you spin up.

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