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How to Protect IBM i from the New Malware Threats of 2020

May 14, 2020


IBM i has never been immune to malware—but threats to businesses are greater than ever.

Many employees are now working from home. Research from March 2020 shows home networks are 3.5 times more likely than corporate networks to have at least one malicious program!

At the same time, criminals are launching attacks that leverage headlines about Covid-19, government stimulus programs, and stay-at-home orders. Even office-bound workers are letting their guard down.

It’s critical to grasp the impact these malicious programs can have on IBM i, so that you can keep your systems up and running. Watch this webinar, presented by Sandi Moore, to learn about the relationships between:

  • Viruses, native objects, and the integrated file system (IFS)
  • Power Systems and Windows-based viruses and malware
  • PC-based anti-virus scanning versus native IBM i scanning

There are many ways to minimize your exposure to malware and viruses, even with a remote workforce. IBM i security expert Sandi Moore explains the facts, including how to ensure you're fully protected.

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