On-Demand Webinar

How to Plan for IBM i in the Cloud

Things to consider for a successful move to the cloud


Do production workloads belong in the cloud? What about high availability workloads?

When it comes to IBM i, it might surprise you to learn that the cloud is not limited to development, test, or disaster recovery. But moving applications to the cloud requires careful planning.

Watch this recorded webinar where the experts from HelpSystems and Skytap team up to discuss the top things you should consider before moving IBM i into the cloud, including:

  • How to identify workloads best suited for cloud
  • How to migrate IBM i data to the cloud
  • How to avoid data security risks
  • How to evaluate licensing considerations

You’ll also learn the biggest benefits, as well as what’s at risk if you get it wrong.

Plan ahead to ensure that what goes up stays up! Watch now.


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