On-Demand Webinar

How to Monitor Complex IBM i Environments



Your IBM i is central to keeping business running smoothly, but other components and servers play a critical role in your enterprise environment. If left unchecked, any one of them is a risk that could lead to downtime for your business—and heartburn for you!

You need a way to proactively identify and mitigate the risk before an outage occurs!

In this recorded webinar, you’ll see how Robot Monitor software captures critical information about VIOS, IBM MQ, BRMS, MIMIX, PowerHA, IBM i, AIX, Linux, AND MORE for multiple partitions and displays it in a single interface. You’ll learn how to:

  • Customize your monitoring environment
  • Create proactive, granular notification
  • Consolidate data into a single dashboard or slideshow
  • Report on past performance

We’ll share a live software demonstration of Robot Monitor showing its real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, as well as its ability to notify you, so you can mitigate the risk BEFORE causing an outage.

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It’s time to simplify Power Systems monitoring!

Learn how Robot Monitor helps you take a proactive approach to system threats by resolving problems before they impact performance and productivity. Request a live demonstration and we’ll show you.

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