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How to Modernize Your Query/400 Queries

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IBM i has become a database server for many organizations over the years. But if you’re still using Query/400 (a.k.a. IBM Query for i) to deliver reports, your end users and decision makers are left scratching their heads as they stare at all that data on a green screen.

And nothing screams “outdated, old technology, or legacy” louder than a green screen.

Experienced IBM i pros may love the green screen, but there’s no reason for the rest of the business to see how the sausage gets made. New IT recruits and non-technical users need visual data in dashboards and easy export options, like to Microsoft Excel.

Luckily, Sequel software makes your transition to modern data access and analysis simple. Watch this webinar to learn from our IBM i business intelligence experts:

  • Top reasons leading organizations are modernizing now
  • Two ways to quickly convert Query/400 to SQL with Sequel
  • Export tips for taking data from DB2 and other databases into Excel

If modernization is on your IT to-do list for 2020, it’s time to dump Query/400 and convert those old queries into SQL with Sequel.

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