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As organizations look for growth in today’s business world, they need an agile system of data analysis. More data is being captured—giving analysts the opportunity to make informed business decisions. How can your organization take advantage of information quickly, without an immense staff, so data doesn’t become out-of-date?

With Sequel your users can:
•Access real-time data from a PC shortcut or web browser
•Be prompted for the exact data they need (date ranges, products, accounts, etc.)
•Run a dashboard to see data in data sets, graphs, gauges, and more
•See data in a table format
•Create calculated fields which reduces PC file manipulation
•View data from mobile devices

There is no need to increase your staff tenfold or to spend months learning a new process when you introduce Sequel as your business information analysis tool. Let your analysts decide what data they want to see and how they want to see it.


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