On-Demand Webinar

How FRS Integrated Webdocs to Transform Their Business

October 30, 2019


The difference between a good software solution and a great software solution is in its ability to not just solve a problem, but to transform the way you do business. That’s how FRS, a restaurant equipment and supply company, found true value when they started integrating processes with Webdocs from HelpSystems.

In this on-demand webinar, hosted by COMMON and HelpSystems, learn how FRS used the power of integration to streamline critical processes across their business—from their AP and AR departments to their field technicians—for more efficient, accurate, and paperless processes.

Watch Greg Schmidt, Sr. Technical Solutions Consultant at HelpSystems, for a Q+A session with Carl Novit, Vice President and Owner at FRS, as they discuss:

  • What led them to need a document management solution
  • How they evaluated and overcame early challenges and roadblocks
  • What’s next for FRS as they look for more opportunities to streamline

Check out this important discussion on how integrating Webdocs within your current processes can truly transform your business.

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