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How to Easily Integrate Your Cron Jobs Into a Cross-Platform Job Schedule

Discover how easy it is to schedule jobs with Automate Schedule
UNIX, Linux, AIX
December 6, 2018


Cron job scheduling can be a useful tool for AIX, UNIX, and Linux systems, but its limitations can be frustrating. Cron can reliably run jobs on a single server, but not much more. If you’re looking to write custom scripts to deal with cross-system dependencies, or a tool that can provide detailed audit reports to comply with industry regulations or to simply run jobs on a custom schedule, you’ll need a cron replacement.

You need Automate Schedule. Automate Schedule is the easy-to-use enterprise scheduler that helps you schedule jobs across multiple servers and multiple platforms from one browser display. If your jobs have file or other process dependencies, Automate Schedule can handle them without requiring any additional scripting.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How easy it is to schedule a job using Automate Schedule and set up dependencies across servers
  • How to monitor for file changes and trigger a process when it completes
  • How Automate Schedule’s security settings and auditing capabilities can make your auditors smile

Watch as Pat Cameron, Director of Automation for HelpSytems, and Keith Fuller, Technical Consultant, share how you can easily integrate your cron jobs into Automate Schedule.

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