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How to Do IT Cost Optimization

Learn how to keep hybrid IT spend under control while assuring performance
See how VCM can help you optimize IT cost
July 23, 2020


30% of hybrid IT spend is wasted. Whether you find that number shocking or not, you likely don’t know how to identify and eliminate the wasted spend while assuring performance.

Many organizations have adopted a “performance at any cost” mindset to ensure service delivery and choose to overprovision IT resources for peace of mind. But the cost of overprovisioning adds up and quickly becomes unsustainable, especially in times like these where organizations need to optimize spend wherever they can.

We have good news. You don’t have to choose between a balanced budget and top-notch service delivery. Join us as we present 5 key components of a successful cost optimization strategy:

  • Gaining visibility across your hybrid IT
  • Defining cost structures
  • Safely identifying inefficiencies
  • Allocating cost based on activity
  • Aligning initiatives with business priorities
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