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How to Convert from AJS or WRKJOBSCDE to Robot Schedule with Ease

Business has changed. Can your IBM i processing tools keep pace?


IBM i processing at your business doesn’t look the same today as it did when you started 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. IBM i workload has grown and new technologies make processing more complex.

The free WRKJOBSCDE (Work Job Schedule Entry) command on IBM i allows you to build batch jobs, but it can’t handle dependencies. IBM’s Advanced Job Scheduler (AJS) has more features, but it can’t communicate across other platforms and lacks the reporting you need for today’s regulations and dependencies. It’s time for a change.

Today’s IT teams need automation tools that can help them plan for tomorrow instead of playing catch-up. In this recorded webinar, IBM i experts introduce you to the final phase of your automation evolution: Robot Schedule. With Robot Schedule, you can easily:

  • Import IBM i schedules into Robot Schedule rules
  • Manage schedules from a GUI or web interface
  • Integrate troubleshooting into a single user interface
  • Monitor files and directories on IBM i, Windows, Linux, and UNIX
  • Report on forecasting and flowcharting for management

It’s time to move away from older IBM tools toward a modern, integrated solution. Robot Schedule is ready to go! Are you?

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