On-Demand Webinar

High Availability Options for IBM i

Featuring IBM Power Systems specialist Glenn Robinson


Gone are the days when high availability (HA) on IBM i was a luxury for big data centers with big budgets to match. Demand for system availability is at an all-time high across many sectors, making HA a must-have.

With the advent of PowerHA and storage-based replication, the high availability landscape on IBM i has changed considerably over recent years and with it the number of alternatives on the market.

How do you know which HA option is best for you?

Watch IBM Power Systems specialist Glenn Robinson and Ash Giddings for this 45-minutes on-demand webinar that will help you get a better understanding of:

  • What high availability is
  • Current HA options for IBM i
  • Which method is the best
  • Where to find additional resources

Whether you’re looking to implement an IBM i high availability solution or are simply bringing yourself up to speed with the current methods of achieving HA, this recorded webinar offers unbiased opinions backed by technical information.

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