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Hardware Replication vs. Software Replication

Which type of data replication is best for HA/DR on IBM i?


The high availability landscape for IBM i continues to evolve. What was once a simple, one-player logical replication market is now a diverse mix of solutions, including IBM’s PowerHA and Db2 Mirror for i, along with several software-based replication solutions from third-party vendors.

Given the importance of HA/DR for business continuity, it is essential that you have the right tool for the task. But what are your options and how do you know which will work best in your environment?

During this recorded webinar, Dave Harms of Bemis Manufacturing Company joins IBM Champions for Power Systems Ash Giddings and Tom Huntington to discuss the different types of data replication available for IBM i and where it makes sense to use more than one method. You’ll learn:

  • The current HA options available
  • The real cost of downtime
  • Whether you need HA or if DR will suffice
  • The best method for your environment

Whether you’re looking to implement an IBM i high availability solution, have lost confidence in your current solution, or are simply bringing yourself up to speed with the current methods of achieving HA, this webinar offers a technical appreciation of the options available for IBM i.

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Robot HA and PowerHA

Two complementary solutions for high availability on IBM i, but why would I want both? PowerHA is a great solution for reducing high availability costs and improving on your ability to role swap. Yet, many organizations also benefit from the added flexibility of a logical replication solution like Robot HA. Read the datasheet two example scenarios.

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