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Hacker's View of Cyber Security



Network attacks are on the rise, as demonstrated by the recent spate of attacks on retail point-of-sale systems. Why do hackers seem to be getting the upper hand? Because IT pros aren't considering the hacker's perspective on network security. While we have a plethora of security tools at our disposal -- Firewalls, IDS and IPS appliances, event correlation servers, and more -- it's easy to mis-handle these tools to the benefit of the wily hacker. Target stores, for example, had an expert security team and spent millions of dollars on security, yet they were still "pwned' at a cost of many millions of dollars more.

In this webcast security expert Mel Beckman explains how intruders see your network, how they mount an attack, and the common weaknesses they too-readily find and easily exploit. You'll learn the top ten steps to deploy quality security tools in a way that provides multiple layers of protection. Layers that resist attack much better than ad-hoc security installations. And more importantly, you'll learn what to watch for to detect an attack in progress so that you can divert it before it succeeds. You don't want to be an easy Target.


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