On-Demand Webinar

Getting Started with IASP on IBM i

Fear-free IASP starts today!


Do you know how to implement an independent auxiliary storage pool (IASP) on IBM i? Does the thought of trying make you nervous? Don’t sweat it!

Watch this recorded webinar where the experts at HelpSystems help you get started with IASP technology. You’ll learn:

  • What IASPs are
  • How to assign your disk to an IASP
  • How to load libraries and the IFS into an IASP
  • How to point your application to an IASP
  • Which HelpSystems software support IASP

Our goal? Fear-free IASP! Knowledge is power. Don’t let fear prevent you from using powerful technology that relies on IASP, like PowerHA for replication.

Watch now!

IBM on IASP for PowerHA Implementations

You’ve heard about IASP technology many times over the years, but you’ve been ignoring it, haven’t you? In this interview, Steve Finnes confirms that it’s past time we “get to know it, understand it, and not be afraid of it.”

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