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Getting Started with Document Management: The Right Plan

Start your project off on the right foot.
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Set yourself up for success.
March 9, 2017


Getting started with document management doesn’t need to be complicated. Make it easy. Get practical tips on getting started with your project.

Maybe you want to start in one department, or maybe you want to start in several. No matter your case, the best way to get started with document management is with the right plan. 

What goes into the right plan? Join Richard Schoen, Director of Document Management, and Greg Schmidt, Senior Technical Solutions Consultant, for 30 minutes to find out!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the needs for each department
  • Do a phased implementation to establish quick wins
  • Follow best practices with the HelpSystems workbook
  • Approach the implementation process

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The Smart Way to Get Started

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