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Getting Started with Document Management: Levels of Capture

IBM i, Windows
Automate document capture today.
March 21, 2017


A document enters your organization. Then what? Where does it go? How is it captured?

For many organizations, capture is an ad hoc, unenforced process. And that’s where document management projects go wrong. Standardizing document capture is one of the best ways to get your document management project off on the right foot. 

When it comes to capturing documents, you have options. Watch this webinar to learn about the different levels of automation available with document capture—and how to determine which is right for you:

  • Capture with user tools
  • Semi-automated capture
  • Fully automated capture

Plus, you’ll see a live demonstration of document capture software from HelpSystems. 

Ready to find the level of document capture that’s right for your organization? Watch the webinar now >

The Right Level of Capture for You

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