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Fix Failed Equipment with Network Automation

Watch this quick 15-minute training to learn more about our network automation tool
November 2, 2017


You need network monitoring to notify you when failures, spikes, or slowdowns occur in your IT environment. But what if you could take it one step further? In this 15-minute training, we demonstrate how to use Intermapper alongside our automation product, Automate, to not only alert you when network problems arise, but also fix them—fast!

Don’t waste your time manually fixing issues that software could fix for you. With a network automation tool, you can keep critical devices, services, or applications running without getting a person involved. 

Key things to know: 

  • Intermapper and Automate seamlessly interface to help you automate network activities.
  • To run Automate and Intermapper, you must be running Intermapper 6 or higher. 
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