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File Dependencies for Batch Processing

How to optimize your workload by eliminating timer jobs using Robot Schedule


How many of your IT processes begin with a file arriving on an IBM i, Windows, UNIX, or Linux server? Wouldn’t it be nice if your scheduler were smart enough to notice file events and use them to trigger subsequent steps in your IT processing? Robot Schedule can!

Robot Schedule eliminates timer jobs in WRKJOBSCDE, Cron, Windows Task Scheduler, and other utilities that just don’t live up to today’s standards.

Watch this webinar where we show you how to condense the time it takes to complete tasks across various environments on prem or in the cloud. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build job dependencies based on file activity
  • Monitor file adds/changes/deletes in the IFS and libraries
  • Monitor file adds/changes/deletes on Windows/Linux/Unix
  • Optimize workload by eliminating “timer” jobs
  • Report on file activities for audit purposes (job flow charting)

In Robot land, we call this reactivity—and your host Tom Huntington invented it! This is your chance to learn from the Robot Schedule product experts!

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