Your How-To High Availability Monitoring Strategy - Watch the Webinar
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Fail-Safe High Availability Monitoring on IBM i

What can (and will) go wrong with your HA solution


With businesses demanding continued availability and access to critical data around the clock, high availability (HA) solutions are now a common necessity in data centers across all industries—and IBM i data centers are no exception.

Once your HA solution is in place on i, it would be great if you could simply set it and forget it. No such luck. Your HA solution requires a number of manual checks on a regular basis, both day and night.

Don’t lose sleep over HA. During this 30-minute recorded webinar, Product Manager Ash Giddings introduces an automated monitoring strategy that will help you:

  • Automatically resolve any synchronization issues
  • Receive early warning signals of replication bottlenecks
  • Handle short-lived issues without unnecessary interruption to support staff
  • Reduce ongoing reliance on manual checks
  • Integrate HA monitoring with other monitoring solutions

Setting up an automated monitoring strategy for your high availability solution will free up valuable time and ensure you are switch-ready whenever disaster strikes. Watch now!

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