On-Demand Webinar

Evolution and You: Maintaining Compliance with PCI 3.0's Changing Security Landscape



PCI DSS 3.0 adds new requirements for all organizations subject to cardholder security compliance. It includes new requirements for vulnerability assessments, tighter password management, and additional requirements for third-party providers.

A particular code word in the new standard is "evolving requirements," which translates as "more work for you." PCI 2.0 had just two evolving requirements; version 3.0 has 20!

In this presentation, PCI DSS implementation expert Mel Beckman describes the steps you must take to meet new PCI requirements, combining IBM i native security capabilities with external tools to bring your payment card environment into 3.0 compliance.

As a member of the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI-SCC), Powertech will provide a brief introduction to the powerful solutions that have positioned them as the leading security provider for IBM i.  Robin Tatam, Powertech’s Director of Security Technologies, will join Mel to share his experience as a Certified Information Security Manager.


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