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Everything You Need to Know About IBM i 7.4

IBM’s Steve Will discusses IBM i 7.4 features and TR enhancements


Even though IBM i 7.4 (V7R4) has only been around since June 2019, the 2020 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results report that four percent of IBM i shops have already upgraded to IBM i 7.4 as their primary operating system level.

Along with the Technology Refresh (TR1) enhancements released in November 2019, which features make this version so attractive?

Watch this recorded webinar where IBM i Chief Architect Steve Will joins IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington to discuss what’s new in IBM i 7.4 and the latest TRs, including:

  • Db2 Mirror for i
  • Security changes for Authority Collections and TLS 1.3
  • SQL enhancements for IBM i
  • Applications development enhancements

IBM understands your top IT concerns and continues focus on modernization, security, and high availability as they work on IBM i. Don’t miss out as Steve shares insider information on these advancements and more as we take IBM i into 2020.

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How do I upgrade to IBM i 7.4?

Did you know that it’s more work to plan an upgrade than to make the upgrade itself? Watch this webinar where Darren Anderson and IBM Champion Tom Huntington help you discover what you need to upgrade to IBM i 7.4.

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