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Enforce IBM i Security Policies Automatically

Spend less time configuring and checking your system
October 25, 2016


Cybersecurity breaches are on the rise and are often attributed to the misconfiguration of security controls. Power Systems running IBM i are regarded as being highly securable, but it takes considerable work to correctly configure them initially and, of course, it takes even more work to maintain them.     

Would you know if a system value becomes misconfigured or if a user profile is granted more authority than it is supposed to have? Do you manually check thousands of files, programs, IFS directories, and other objects to validate that the private authority and ownership attributes are correct? How often do you review TCP server properties, IFS file shares, and user objects hiding in QSYS?   

Most people don’t, relying instead on the risky assumption that nothing has been changed.   

Watch noted IBM i security expert Robin Tatam, in this on-demand webinar, as he discusses the challenge of trying to maintain a desired security configuration and demonstrates Policy Minder for IBM i, a software solution that enables the server to quickly evaluate and, amazingly, even heal its inconsistencies. 

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